Water resources and wetlands. 14-16 September 2012, Tulcea (ROMANIA)

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E. Water policies

E1 Impacts of water policy and fight against floods on the river channel. The case of the Lower Siret River
Salit Florence, Zaharia Liliana, Beltrando Gérard (France/Romania)

E2 Poverty reduction linkage with water management in sub-Saharan Africa
Elemide Oyebola (Nigeria)

E3 Chikungunya, a water-borne disease: how the inhabitants of the island of Reunion Island have handled the crisis?
Maryse Gaimard, Dominique Soulancé (France)

E4 Water and chikungunya at the Ravine of Cabris, Reunion Island
Maryse Gaimard, Dominique Soulancé (France)

E5 The importance of the new proposal concerning the methodology for implementation for the resource recovery water use in the Rio das Velhas River Basin Committee, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Heodoro Hildelano Delanusse (Brazil)

E6 Possibility of elimination of organic material type humic adsorption on different materials of a water surface area of Bejaia
Amimeur Djamel, Guergazi Saâdia, Achour Samia (Algeria)

E7 Measurement of Water Resources Index in Estako-West and Esan Central, Nigeria
Idogho Philipa Omamhe, Olotu Yahaya (Nigeria)

E8 Fine-scale phylogenetic diversity patterns in moist environments and their relevance for conservation
Proches  Serban (South Africa)

E9 Exploring the feeding value of Najas Horrida (Aquatic Plant) as fodder for sheep and goats
Yacoub Hoda (Egypt)

E10 Surface water quality changes of River Reaches due to urbanization
Kusari Laura (Kosovo)

E11 Metallothionein in Persian sturgeon, Acipenser persicus L. from Caspian Sea
F. Shariati, M. Pourkazemi, S. Shariati, B. Mahboonia, M. Pourdehghani (Iran)

E12 Antrophyc influences. strategy and water management resouces in East South-East of Doubruja area
Teodorescu  Dacian Constantin, Camelia Pulbere, Silviu  Matei, Hristu Uzun (Romania)

E13 Tailing ponds potential pollution from the Drâa Lasfer mine and impact of mining wastes on the characteristics of groundwater in two village of area in Marrakech –Morocco
S. El fadeli, R. Bouhouch, M. Chaik, Y. Barkouch, A. Aboussad, N.Lekouch, R. F. Hurrell, M.B. Zimmermann, A.Sedki (Morocco/Switzerland)

E14 Tourist attractiveness of Ramsar wetlands. Case study: Champagne Humide Lakes (France) and Comana Natural Park (Romania)
Florent Luc, Toroimac Gabriela (France/Romania)

E15 Educate people about flood risk
Zaharia Liliana (Romania)

E16 Identifying the hidroturistical potential of the Măcin Mountains
Purice Florin-Catalin, Romanescu Gheorghe (Romania)

E17 Phytoplankton and Water Quality Characterization: Seasonal and medium term monitoring in Northern Tunisia
Mohamed Salah Romdhane, Amel Ben Rejeb Jenhani (Tunisia)

E18 Application of DRASTIC model and GIS for evaluation of aquifer vulnerability: Study case Barlad City area
Iuliana Gabriela Breaban,  Madalina Paiu (Romania)

E19 SWOT analyzes on the impact of engineering works from Arges River Basin on fluvial systems
Soare Mariana (Romania)

E20 Monitoring drinking water quality parameters using modern electrophoretic techniques
Neaga Ioan-Ovidiu, Bodoki Ede (Romania)

E21 Organic and inorganic contaminants in the Bahlui  river in the built-up area of Iasi city
Oiste Ana Maria, Breban Iuliana Gabriela (Romania)

E22 Developments and prospects in valorising the hydrographic potential of the Ţibleş Mountains
Hognogi Gheorghe Gavrilă, Nicula Gabriel Cătălin, Man Ovidiu (Romania)

E23 The necessity and opportunity  for multifuctional hydrotechnical planning in Viseu river basin
Sima Andrei (Romania)

E24 The Banat swamps
Arba Andreea-Mihaela (Romania)

E25 Environment rehabilitation on Trotus river valley, after the 2004 and 2005 floods
Ionut Popa (Romania)

E26 Sources of water supply in Ploiesti
Ţâmpu  Mihaela Florina (Romania)

E27 The quality of waters in Drobeta – Turnu Severin urban ecosystem
Andriţa Valentin (Romania)

E28 Water policy and urbanization in Morocco: The recent changesent changes in the urbanwater space in a country in South Mediterranean
El Mahdad  El Hassane (Morocco)

E29 State groundwater basin of the Siret river point of view of strengths of nitrates from agricultural sources; analysis and trends
Delia Gheorghe (Romania)

E30 Balneotherapy and wellness type tourism in the area Zizin – Brasov
Mereţ Rodica (Romania)

E31 Modern irrigations, premise for an efficient water management of the water resources in Israel
Nathan Cohen, Adrian Cioacă (Israel/Romania)

E32 The traditional exploitation of „The land of Vrancea": water resources. Aspects of cultural Geography
Nicolae Damian, Alexandra Tătaru (Romania)

E33 Harnessing the potential of hydro power in the upper basin of the Arges river, Romania
Mititelu Laura Ana (Romania)

E34 River restoration  experience  in Central  and East Europe within restore project
Andreea Galie, Elisabeta Cserwid, Mladen Angelov, Vasil Uzunov, Ágnes Irma György (Romania/Bulgaria/Hungary)

E35 Water pollution and environment
Soheila khoshnevis Yazdi, Anahita Fashandi (R.I. of Iran)

E36 Water and landscape management aspects in the Lake Neusiedl region
Loiskandl W., Kogelbauer I., Nolz R., Grabenhofer H. (Austria)

E37 Water retention in natural and transformed floodplains and its impact on ecosystem services
David Pithart, Tomáš Dostál, Jiří Žaloudík, Kateřina Křováková (Czech Republic)

E38 Analyses of the nitrates concentrations evolution in water resources according with the European Directives requirements
Elena Tuchiu, Elvira Marchidan (Romania)

E39 A case study on Tahtali Dam, Investigating Dam Reservoirs within the scope of environmental impacts and the Turkish Legislations, in terms of Recreational Usage Approaches
Gokhan Balik, Bahar Turkyilmaz Tahta (Turkey)

E40 Qquantitative study of the parameters required to identify the zones with susceptibility to local flood caused by damages of water supply network. Applications in rural zone of Baia Mare Depression
Marian Radu Alexandru, Crăciun Augustin Ionuţ, Haidu Ionel, Văduva Bogdan (Romania)

E41 Implementation of the European Water Framework Directive in Turkey
Bilgehan Nas, Nermin Çiçek, Prof.Dr. Ali Berktay (Turkey)

E42 Balneoclimateric (spa) potential and possibilities for development and promotion of rural tourism in Tămăşeu, the locality with balneo-climateric function (from Bihor county, Romania)
Vlaicu Mihai, Josan Ioana, Blaga Lucian, Gaceu Ovidiu (Romania)

E43 Comparative study on the balneoclimateric (spa) potential and possibilities for development and promotion of rural tourism in the localities with balneo-climateric function Tămăşeu, Sarcău and Tinca from Bihor county (Romania)
Gaceu Ovidiu, Ilieş Dorina, Vlaicu Mihai (Romania)

E44 Aspects of habitat fragmentation – analysing a Natura 2000 Site: Olt-Danube confluence area
Cloţă Gheorghe, Cherăscu Ramona (Romania)

E45 West Nile virus – risk areas
Liliana Balteşiu, Marian Traian Gomoiu, Radu Mudura, Valeria Purcărea-Ciulacu, Gabriela Nicolescu (Romania)

E46 Phenolic compounds and COD removal from Table Olive Wastewaters using ultrafitration
Hajar Kiai, Abdelilah El-Abbassi, Abdellatif Hafidi (Morocco)

E47 Preconcentration of lead ions in environmental samples by magnetic solid phase extraction
Shahab Shariati, Mostafa Golshekan (Iran)

E48 The Black Sea - “a sea of problems”. Geopolitical and geostrategic considerations
Teodor Simion (Romania)

E49 Sustainable Integrated Water Resources Management: A Case Study of Libya
S.P.Bindra, Saleh Yunis Nabil (Libya)

E50 Impacts of water resource projects on rural Livelihoods in the Bundelkhand region
Sudhakaran Sunandu (India)

E51 Policy tools for the protection of migratory waterbirds in Ramsar Parna Pantanal Site (Mt, Brazil) face the impacts of climate change and land use
Heloisa de Camargo Tozato, Neli Aparecida de Mello-Théry, Vincent Dubreuil (Brazil/France)

E52 Climate change and water resources in Sub-Saharan Africa   
Mass Alassan, Keita Lamin, Deen Adama (The Gambia)



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