Water resources and wetlands. 14-16 September 2012, Tulcea (ROMANIA)

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International Conference
Water resources and wetlands
14-16 September, Tulcea – Romania

September 13, 2012  
Arrivals of participants, transfer Bucharest airport - Tulcea, accommodation Delta hotel 
19:30 Welcome cocktail and Dinner

September 14, 2012
8:00 – 9:00 Registration (Room A “Mihail Kogălniceanu” - Tulcea County Council)
9:00 – 10:45 Opening ceremony – Official Addressing
Opening of the Conference by Mr. Petre Gâştescu, President of Romanian Limnogeographical Association (Romania)
Welcoming Address by Mr. Ionel Andrei, General Director, National Authority for Scientific Research (Romania)
Welcoming Address by Mr. Eduard Lucian Simion, Prefect, Tulcea County (Romania)
Welcoming Address by Mr. Horia Teodorescu, President, Tulcea County Council (Romania)
Welcoming address by Mr. Constantin Hogea, Mayor, Tulcea City
Welcoming Address by Mrs. Viorica Bâscă, Governor, Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Authority (Romania)
Welcoming Address by Mr. Roman Pîrvulescu, Director, Danube Delta National Institute for Research and Development (Romania)
Address by Mr. Gérard Beltrando, University Paris Diderot (France)
Address by Mr. Marian Traian Gomoiu, Romanian Academy (Romania)
Address by Mr. Hidetoshi Naganawa, Naganawa Memorial Institute of Environmental Science (NMIE) (Japan)
Address by Mr. Laurent Touchart, Université d'Orléans (France)
Address by Mr. Loiskandl Willibald, Universität für Bodenkultur Wien, Austria
Address by Mr. Ştefan Păun, Vice-Rector, Hyperion University
Address by Mr. Vasile Cucu, President of Romanian Humanist Geographers Association
Address by Mrs. Elena Ţuchiu, Romanian Waters Authority
10.45 – 11:15 Coffee break / Press Conference

Plenary session
Chairpersons: Marian Traian Gomoiu, Grigore Baboianu, Radu Drobot

11:15- 11:30 The Danube river in the Pontic Sector -hydrological regime
Petre Gâştescu, Elena Ţuchiu (Romania)
11:30-11:45 sea level observed and projected and impact on Indian and Pacific Tropical Islands
Gérard Beltrando (France)
11:45-12:00 Protection-destruction spiral: a nightmare scenario from Lake Gusinoe via Selenga Delta to Lake Baikal
Hidetoshi Naganawa  (Japan)
12:00-12:15 Thermoclines in ponds: A new typology by the study of continuous water temperature measurements
Laurent Touchart, Pascal Bartout (France)

12:30 – 14:00 Lunch
14:00 – 16:00 Parallel sessions (Hotel Delta)
Topic A. Rivers and lakes ecosystem ecology
Topic B. Climate changing and water resources
Topic C. Coastal environment
Topic D. The XXI Scientific Symposium Deltas and wetlands, 2012
Topic E. Water policies
16:00 – 16:30 Coffee break
16:30 – 18:30 Parallel sessions (Hotel Delta)
Topic A. Rivers and lakes ecosystem ecology
Topic B. Climate changing and water resources
Topic C. Coastal environment
Topic D. The XXI Scientific Symposium Deltas and wetlands, 2012
Topic E. Water policies
19:00 Dinner

September 15, 2012 Field trip in the Danube Delta
8:30-9:00 Boarding the ship
9:00 – 18:00 Field trip in the Danube Delta
13.00 Lunch on board

September 16/17, 2012
9:00 Departures Tulcea-Bucharest airport

September 14, 2012

Topic A. Rivers and lakes ecosystem ecology 
Room A (“Mihail Kogalniceanu” - Tulcea County Council)

Chairpersons: Laurent Touchart, Hidetoshi Naganawa, Gavril Pandi, Natalia Larina   

14:00-16:00 Oral presentation

Floodplain management in Hungary
Lóczy Dénes (Hungary)

Water qualitative parameters of fluviatile limans located in the south - west of Dobrogea (Romania)
Romanescu Gheorghe,  Stoleriu Cristian, Dinu Cristina (Romania)

Choice of macrophyte substrate in the use of diatoms as indicators of pond water quality assessment: preliminary data on the case of Alalay Pond (Cochabamba, Bolivia)
Eduardo A. Morales, Rivera F. Sinziana (Bolivia/SUA)

A dynamical model of a geyser induced by boiling: an application of the dynamical model of a geyser induced by inflow of gas
Hiroyuki Kagami (Japan)

Ensuring of longitudinal connectivity of Jiu river near the Isalnita dam
Răzvan Voicu, Ecaterina Luca, Liliana Voicu (Romania)

A research on phosphorus fractions in sediment of Koycegiz Lake (Mugla-Turkey), and its potential release into the lake
Ahmet Demirak, Yalçın Şahin, Feyyaz Keskin (Turkey)

Economic valuation of the Zarivar Lake, Iran
Ghaderzadeh Hamed, Mehrnoosh Asadi, Farshad Seirafi (I.R. of Iran)

Picophytoplankton, as the indicator of the underwater light climate in shallow lakes
Boglárka Somogyi, Anett Kürthy, Balázs Németh, Balázs Kránicz, Lajos Vörös (Hungary)

Căian sliding Lake (Bistriţa-Năsăud County) - morphometric and physico-chemical aspects
Gheorghe Şerban, Gheorghe Hognogi, Ovidiu Man (Romania)

The recent palaeolimnology of Red Lake (Romania); assessing changing sediment sources for environmental management
S.M. Hutchinson, A. Frantiuc, A. Haliuc, M. Mindrescu, Gh. Romanescu (UK/Romania)

Quantitative considerations concerning the source-areas for the silting of the Red Lake (Romania) lacustrine basin
Andrei Enea, Gheorghe Romanescu, Cristian Stoleriu (Romania)

16:00-16:30 Coffee break

Chairpersons: Ion Zavoianu, László G.-Tóth, Eduardo A. Morales, Gheorghe Şerban, Marcel Mîndrescu

16:30-18:30 Oral presentation

A cosmopolitan population of common reeds (Phragmites australis) in the Danube Delta
Carla Lambertini, Luciana Achenbach, Hans Brix (Denmark)

Limnoarchaeological problematics in the light of new scientific discoveries
Gheorghe Romanescu, Octavian Bounegru (Romania)

Effects of the water level fluctuation on the littoral invertebrate communities in Lake Balaton, Hungary
László G.-Tóth, Csilla Balogh, Laura Parpala, Ilona B.-Muskó (Hungary/Romania)

The analysis of pressures and impacts of the lower part of the Danube River
Elena Tuchiu, Adina-Mădălina David (Romania)

The relationship between the water discharges and a series of morphometric parameters of the basins and the hydrographic network
Ion Zăvoianu (Romania)

Phytoplankton assemblages in Bir Mcherga freshwater reservoir (Tunisia)
Amel Ben Rejeb Jenhani, Afef Fathalli, Mohamed Salah Romdhane  (Tunisia)

A study on the Motru riverbed morphodynamics with special reference to riparian quality index (RQI)
Oana Ionuş (Romania)

New data base of the glacial lakes in the Romanian Carpathians
Marcel Mindrescu, Andrei Zamosteanu, Ionuţ-Alexandru Cristea (Romania)

Fitting the river Tormes and the current aspects of maintaining the drainage system
Duină Valeria Simona (Romania)

Practical solutions for ecological reconstruction of Gerai pond
Dimache Alexandru Nicolae, Iancu Iulian, Sirbu Nicolai, Croitoru Ion (Romania)

Identifying vulnerable areas to inundations by using statistical probability analysis and GIS techniques. Case Study
Stefan Bilasco, Csaba Horvath, Visctor Sorocovschi (Romania)

Water quality investigation of namnam creek which feeds Koycegiz Lake
Özdemir, N., L. Serra Çiçek De Sa Matos Paixao (Turkey)


Use of seismic refraction, vertical electrical sounding and electrical resistivity tomography to investigate the groundwater aquifer, Wadi Al-Ain, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Amir Gabr, Ahmed Murad, Haydar Baker, Khalid Boulshi, Hasan Arman, Saber Mahmoud (UAE)

Particularities of seasonal and monthly flowing regime on the small rivers of Maramureş Mountains
Victor Sorocovschi, Gavril Pandi (Romania)
Contribution of N2-fixation to nitrogen supply of phytoplankton in a water quality control reservoir (Kis-Balaton, Hungary)
Hajnalka Horváth, Kálmán Mátyás, György Süle Mátyás Présing (Hungary)

Siltation and Erosion Processes on a tributary of Lake Itaipu, Paraná State, Brazil
Cristiano Poleto (Brazil)

Testing the applicability of trait-based functional diversity in phytoplankton communities as a tool for water quality monitoring
Károly Pálffy, Lajos Vörös (Hungary)

Response to Increasing Salt Stress of Genetically Different Phragmites australis Clones
Luciana Achenbach, Hans Brix (Denmark)

The impact of sediment grain size on heavy metal content
Maslennikova S.S., Larina N.S. (Russia)

The importance of water circulation in lakes Razim-Golovita. Status and quality of ecosystems
Petre Bretcan, Elena Tuchiu, Simona Bretcan (Romania)

Puiulet Lake Danube Delta– bathymetrical characteristics
Daniel Constantin Diaconu, Emanuel Mailat (Romania)

Long-term dynamics of the main hydrometeorological characteristics of spring flood in the Desna River’s basin
Liudmyla Gorbachova, Olga Kolianchuk (Ukraine)

The reasons of the instationary of the seasonal runoff of rivers and streams in the Rika River basin
Liudmyla Gorbachova, Tеtiana  Bauzha (Ukraine)

Picophytoplankton blooms in Transylvanian hypersaline lake
Zsolt Gyula Keresztes, Boglárka Somogyi, Tamás Felföldi, Erika Nagy, Csaba Bartha, Nicolae Dragos, Gyöngyi Székely, Lajos Vörös (Romania/Hungary)

Present state of trophic parameters of the main lakes from Siret and Prut watersheds
Gheorghe Romanescu, Alin Mihu-Pintilie, Cristian Stoleriu,Ana-Maria Romanescu (Romania)
The effect of water level fluctuation on the phytoplankton and phytobenthos in a large, shallow lake
Lajos Vörös, Attila W. Kovács and Boglárka Somogyi (Hungary)

Water bodies Typology System: a Chilean case of scientific stakeholders and policy makers dialogue
Rodrigo Fuster, Andrés de la Fuente, Cristián Escobar, Gloria Lillo, Meliza González, Tanja Pottgiesser (Chile)

Hydro-ecological quality status assessment in different lakes of Danube Delta – Romania. Case study: Uzlina, Isacova, Matita, Babina and Rosu Lakes - 2010
Irina Catianis, Silviu Radan, Priscilla Opreanu, Dumitru Grosu (Romania)

Water temperature variation in the salty lakes in Prahova' s Subcarpathians
Simona Breţcan (Romania)

Geoelectrical investigation at Ain al-Faras spring site of Gadames City, Libya
Elburas Fathi (Libya)

The chemical fractions of heavy metals in the sediment of Koycegiz Lake (Muğla-Turkey)
Ahmet Demirak, Feyyaz Keskin, Yalçın Şahin (Turkey)

The sources of pollution of  hydroecosystems with nutrients and the load of pastures in the catchment areas of the Voghchi and Meghriget rivers, Armenia
Karen Grigoryan, Gor Gevorgyan (Armenia)

Researches on the simulation on numerical model of the alluvial transport in the period 2005-2010 and the estimation of the morphological modifications, with application on the Danube river bed for a proposed sector
Victor Dumitrescu, Adrian Barbieru, Alexandru Carsmariu (Romania)

Tipaimukh dam on Barak River and its impact on natural settings: A South-Asian contains
Supratim Karmakar (India)

The application of the combined wastewater point/soil filter treatment plant, as an alternative intervention for the improvement of water quality in some rivers in Albania
Mali Sotir (Albania)

Wetland management and restoration projects in the lower Prut basin related to effects of anthropogenic activities
Florin Vartolomei (Romania)

Danube Floodrisk Project, a story for the Danube floodplain mapping
Mary-Jeanne Adler (Romania)

Association of metals with various sedimentary phases in Dam Reservoir
Torabi Fatima (I.R. of Iran)

Aspects of clogging Pucioasa Lake (Romania)
Ovidiu Murărescu, George Murătoreanu,  Ţurloiu Rareş,  Mădălina Frânculeasa (Romania)

Tracking the main water quality threats in Lake Prespa system (Greek part)
Maliaka Valentini (Netherlands)

The effects of Hydraulic constructions on Kor river Mesohabitat alteration in Iran
Ali Torabi Haghighi, Pouyan Keshtkaran and Bjorn Klove (Finland/IR of Iran)

Hydrotechnical Planning Works in the Catchment Basin of Valea Racilor (Arieş Basin)
Răzvan-Horaţiu  Bătinaş(Romania)

Cleaning up the Lake Ćelije from nutrients and sediments
Poprasic Bratislav (Serbia)

Characteristics of floods in Valea Cerbului Catchment
Ruth Perju (Romania)

Contribution à la connaissance de l’envasement et de la distribution spatiale de N, P, K de la vase du lac Oubéira  (Extrême NE algérien)
H. Alayat, S. Mouissi, R. Satouh  (Algerie)

Hydrological hazards in the eastern part of the Getic Piedmont
Dănuţ Tanislav, Rădiţa Alexe (Romania)

Hydrochemical features of the South Dobrogea's lakes
Camelia-Eliza Telteu (Romania)

Natural and anthropic risks in the area of Durgău-Valea Sărată Turda salt lakes
Mircea Alexe, Paula Furtună (Romania)

Flood vulnerability vs. structural measures related to Jiu Valley developed within the administrative limits of Craiova City
Gabriela Adina Moroşanu (Romania)

Evaluation of capacity for bioaccumulation some heavy metals at two aquatic plant species
Ivona David, Gabriela Busuioc, Mihaela Sencovici, Nicoleta Iliescu (Romania)

Bratia hydrographic basin Morphometric features
Mihai Dumitrescu (Romania)

Underground waters in the Gilort hidrographic basin
Grigore Ciocăzan (Romania)


September 14, 2012

Topic B. Climate changing and water resources
Room B (Hotel Delta)

Chairpersons: Gérard Beltrando, Elena Teodoreanu, Ali Gul, Carmen Dragotă,  Liudmyla Gorbachova

14:00-16:00 Oral presentation

Detecting risks for Turkey’s Wetland Systems in terms of River Flows and Environmental Flow Requirements
Ali Gul, Gulay Onusluel Gul, Aysegul Kuzucu (Turkey)

Structural changes of bacterial community in deltaic ecosystems
Elena Stanescu (Voinea), Catalina Stoica, Irina Lucaciu, Alina Catrangiu, Margareta Nicolau, Stefania Gheorghe (Romania)

Some aspects of the Danube Delta bioclimate
Elena Teodoreanu (Romania)

The use of drought indices to monitor droughts in Turkey
Selim Dogan, Ali Berktay, Vijay P. Singh (Turkey)

Influence of regional change on biological assemblages in the Danube Delta
Catalina Stoica, Elena Stanescu, Irina Lucaciu, Stefania Gheorghe, Margareta Nicolau (Romania)

Comparative study of climatic parameters affecting evaporation in Central and Southern coastal areas in Iran
Hossein Malekinezhad (Iran)

Precipitation influence on liquid leakage from  the hydrological  basin Desnăţui before and after the hydrotechnical design
Andreea Marinela Ciuinel, Irina Onţel (Romania)

16:00-16:30 Coffee break

Chairpersons: Elena Stănescu, Ovidiu Murărescu, Svetlana Maslennikova, Mihaela Sencovici

16:30-18:30 Oral presentation

Precipitation changing and wetlands in the Middle-Atlas, Morocco
Lebaut Sébastien, Labhar Mohamed (France/Morocco)

Annual and seasonal distribution of sunshine in Pakistan 1931-1990
Saifullah Khan, Mahmood-Ul-Hasan, Muhammad Aslam Khan (Pakistan)

Study of the impacts of climate change on water resources in the Central Middle Atlas (Morocco)
Hind Fattah, Mohamed-Saïd Karrouk (Morocco)

Intensification of Energetic Budget (as a result of Climate Change) and its impact on the reduction of water resources in the Basin of Bouregreg
Sallok Amal (Morocco)

Effects of drought on winter wheat yields in a semi-arid region
Abderrahmani Belaid, Hadjel Mohamed, Dobbi Abdelmadjid, Hassini Noureddine (Algeria)

Appreciation of water resources in Byc River basin
Ana Jeleapov, Nicolae Boboc (Rep. of  Moldova)


High peats as the indicator of climatological and ecological changes of environment
Larina N.S., Larin S.I., Merkushina G.A. (Russia)

The dynamics and probabilistic characteristics of the ice phenomena of the Danube River and its Kiliysky channel
Liudmyla Gorbachova, Borys Khrystyuk (Ukraine)

Unit cost for pumping irrigation water in Egypt
Alaa El-Hazek (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

Evolution of the wetland from south part of Moldavian Plain
Ionuţ Minea, Doru Butelca (Romania)

Bacteriological treatment of denitrification of nitrate and nitrite by isolated pseudomonas from Baghdad waste water
Hassoon Hammadi Ali, Sattar Abood Ahmed, Al-Dulaimi Abdul Sattar, Alzawi Waleed (Iraq)

Aspects of topoclimate regionalization of the city Targoviste (Romania)
Bogdan Puşcoi, Ovidiu Murarescu, Gica Pehoiu (Romania)

Impact of climate change on the water resources of India: Challenges in adaptation
Shadananan Nair (India)

Comparison of different geostatistical methods to estimate groundwater level at different climatic periods
S. M. Sadat Noori, K. Ebrahimi, A. M. Liaghat (Iran)

Aridity, climatic phenomen of Danube Delta
Marius Lungu, Daniela Pleşoianu, Liliana Panaitescu (Romania)

Torrential rainfall in south Dobrogea - economic implications
Marius Lungu Marius,Daniela Pleşoianu  (Romania)

Permeability in a large crystalline watershed
Sékouba Oulare; Kouame Kernand K.; René Therrien;  Saley M. Bachir Et Biemi Jean (Côte d’Ivoire/Canada)

Production of clean water from agro-industrial wastewaters using osmotic distillation
Abdelilah El-Abbassi, Hajar Kiai, Abdellatif Hafidi, Maria Carmen García-Payo, Mohamed Khayet (Morocco/Spain)

Impacts of changes in winter period temperature on snowpack water availability: a case study from Southern Finland
Masoud Irannezhad, Anna-Kaisa Ronkanen, Bjørn Kløve (Finland)

Long-term Variability of Snowfall and Continuous Snow Cover Duration in Southern Finland and Their linkage to Teleconnection Indices
Masoud Irannezhad, Anna-Kaisa Ronkanen, Bjørn Kløve (Finland)

Climate change and risk management in Palestine
Wafa Hasan, Ghasan Dweik (Palestine)

The impact of the periods of pluviometric surplus and deficit on the environment in the Plain of Târgovişte
Mihaela Sencovici (Romania)

Application of multivariate statistical methods to surface water and groundwater of the Soummam basin, Algeria
Lazhar Belkhiri, Lotfi Mouni (Algeria)

Stochastic analysis of rainfall event in Sub-Sahara Africa
Elemide Oyebola Adebola (Nigeria)

Snowstorm – severe meteorological phenomenon. Case studies: two snowstorm episodes from the 2011-2012 winter
Doruţa Ciurlau (Romania)

Climate change and water resources
Bahram Shakouri, Soheila Khoshnevis Yazdi (Iran)

The effect of climate change in poultry production
Michael Adedotun Oke (Nigeria)

Key climate features to support biological diversity in a Natura 2000 site: SPA Lower Olt Valley (Valea Oltului Inferior)
Monica Dumitraşcu, Carmen-Sofia Dragotă Ines Grigorescu, Mihai Doroftei, Costin  Dumitraşcu (Romania)

Floodplain wetland dynamics in the Danube delta from remotely sensed imagery
Simona Niculescu, Cédric Lardeux, Grégoire Mercier, Laurence David (France)

September 14, 2012

Topic C. Coastal environment


Assessment of environment and economic ecosystem services in the Coastal Lagoon of Karavasta in Albania
Romina Koto, Aida Bani (Albania)

Distribution of vascular plants and lichens in the coastal ecosystems of the White Sea
Sergienko L.A., Markovskaya E.F., Sonina A.V., Starodubceva A.A (Russia)

The coupling of land to coastal sea by nutrient rich groundwater flux: Greening of  Arabian Sea
Joseph Sebastian Paimpillil, K.K Balachandrsn (India)

Littoral fringe of west Bengal: The Sundarban
Ankita Siddhanta (India)

Dégradation pernicieuse de l’environnement côtier du Gabon : exemple du littoral nord de Libreville
Maloba Makanga Jean Damien (Gabon)

Computer simulation of an emergency situation - accidental discharge of hydrocarbons in the Black Sea
Ionuţ Voicu, Valeriu Nicolae Panaitescu, Constantin Popa (Romania)

Multiple indications in the Coastal Lagoon System of Albanide
Jakup Hoxhaj,  Fatbardha Cara,  Hasan Kuliçi, Shehribane Abazi (Albania/Kosovo)

September 14, 2012

Topic D. The XXI Scientific Symposium Deltas and wetlands, 2012
Room C (Hotel Delta)

Chairpersons: Gheorghe Romanescu, Ion Grigoraş, Török Liliana

14:00-16:00 Oral presentation

WEB Map Viewer for Hazard and high resolution DTM (from LIDAR) in Danube flood plain and Danube Delta
Ion Grigoraş, Adrian Constantinescu, Iulian Nichersu, Marian Mierlă, Cristian Trifanov (Romania)
Flood hazard assessment using satellite images and the elevation model for Sontea – Fortuna lacustrine complex, Danube Delta
Marian Mierlă, Gheorghe Romanescu (Romania)

Marsilea quadrifolia L. in the protected wetlands from Romania
Daniela Strat (Romania)

Understanding public participation and combining perceptions of stakeholders’ for A Better Management in Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve (Romania)
Nataşa Văidianu (Romania)

The White-tailed Eagle (Haliaetus albicilla) in Danube Delta:  one year of satellite telemetry
Domşa, C., Sándor D. A., Kiss, J. B., Marinov M., Alexe V., Lészai I.

Danube Flood Risk management, spatial planning and stakeholder’s involvement in Giurgiu case study
Iulian Nichersu,Marian Mierlă, Eugenia Marin, Cristian Trifanov Cristian, Iuliana Nichersu (Romania)

Coupling wetlands, surface water and groundwater through mathematical modeling
Valentin Zaharia, Radu Drobot (Romania)

Aftermath of the flooding: Geomorphological evolution of the Danube Delta after the Black sea- Mediterranean reconnection and its implications on eneolithic settlements
Jean-Michel Carozza, Laurent Carozza, Valentin Radu, François Levêque, Christian Micu, Albane Burens, Gicu Opreanu, Constantin Haita, Mihaela Danu (France/Romania)

Relocation of the Fish Farms in Gulluk Bay
Yalcin Arisoy, Guzel Yucel-Gier, Idil Pazi (Turkey)

The preliminary biological assessment of environmental quality in Midia Harbor - Black Sea – Romania
Ana Bianca Pavel, Priscila Opreanu, Irina Catianis, Dan Grosu, Costin Ungureanu, Adrian Stanica (Romania)

16:00-16:30 Coffee break

Chairpersons: Iulian Nichersu, Daniela Strat, Ali Berktay, Sorin-Corneliu Rădan

16:30-18:30 Oral presentation

Importance of constructed wetlands to treat wastewater as a part of water management
Ali Berktay (Turkey)

Research on effects of land use decisions on Gediz Delta as a Ramsar Site
Okan Yilmaz, Ümit Erdem (Turkey)

The role of wetlands in flood protection
Šperac Marija, Rabi Anamarija (Croatia)

The vascular plants and epilithic lichens of fresh-water coastal ecosystems in the monitoring of hydrosphere’ condition
Anzhella Sonina, Evgenia Markovskaja, Liudmila Sergienko, Anastasya Starodubtceva (Russia)

Water quality in gulf of Marmaris
Özdemir, N.,Tarkan A.N., Özkahya, P. (Turkey)

Monitoring seasonal changes of chlorophyll a in the Marmaris Bay
Şeyma Merve Kaymaz, Nedim Özdemir, Ahmet Nuri Tarkan (Turkey)

Magnetic susceptibility calibration and lithological characterization of the lake sediments from the Black Sea Littoral Zone (Romania): Natural and anthropogenic inferences”
Sorin – Corneliu Rădan, Silviu Rădan, Camelia Vărzaru (Romania)

Current data on Stone marten (Martes foina) distribution in Dobrogea and its record in the Danube Delta (Romania)
J.B. Kiss, Alexandru Doroşencu, Attila Sándor, Mihai Marinov, Vasile Alexe

Magnetic susceptibility distribution in lake sediments inferred from short cores collected in the Danube Delta and Razim – Sinoie Lagoonal Complex. II. Results from the lagoonal complex
Sorin-Corneliu Rădan, Silviu Rădan, Irina Catianis (Romania)

Floodplain wetland dynamics in the Danube Delta from remotely sensed imagery
Simona Niculescu, Cédric Lardeux, Grégoire Mercier, Laurence David (France)

The Prut Floodplain potential Ramsar Site. Current situation and perspectives
Gina Radu, Iuliana Ticalo, Dan Buruiana (Romania)

Potential spread of Ailanthus altissima in the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve
Mihai Doroftei, Marian Mierlă, Gheorghe Kucsicsa, Ines Grigorescu, Monica Dumitraşcu (Romania)

Doubtful herpetological records in the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve (Romania)
Török Zsolt Csaba


September 14, 2012

Topic E. Water policies
Room D (Hotel Delta, six floor)

Chairpersons: Liliana  Zaharia, Loiskandl Willibald, Mohamed Salah Romdhane

14:00-16:00 Oral presentation

Impacts of water policy and fight against floods on the river channel. The case of the Lower Siret River
Florence Salit, Liliana Zaharia, Gérard Beltrando (France/Romania)

Chikungunya, a water-borne disease: how the inhabitants of the island of Reunion Island have handled the crisis?
Maryse Gaimard, Dominique Soulancé (France)

Water and landscape management aspects in the Lake Neusiedl region
Loiskandl W., Kogelbauer I., Nolz R., Grabenhofer H. (Austria)

Fine-scale phylogenetic diversity patterns in moist environments and their relevance for conservation
Şerban Proches (South Africa)

Educate people about flood risk
Liliana Zaharia (Romania)

Tourist attractiveness of Ramsar wetlands. Case study: Champagne Humide Lakes (France) and Comana Natural Park (Romania)
Florent Luc, Gabriela Toroimac (France/Romania)

Phytoplankton and Water Quality Characterization: Seasonal and medium term monitoring in Northern Tunisia
Mohamed Salah Romdhane, Amel Ben Rejeb Jenhani (Tunisia)

Application of DRASTIC model and GIS for evaluation of aquifer vulnerability: Study case Barlad City area
Iuliana Gabriela Breaban,  Madalina Paiu (Romania)

16:00-16:30 Coffee break

Chairpersons: Elena Tuchiu, Florent Luc, Proches Serban, Dominique Soulancé

16:30-18:30 Oral presentation

Policy tools for the protection of migratory waterbirds in Ramsar Parna Pantanal Site (Mt, Brazil) face the impacts of climate change and land use
Heloisa de Camargo Tozato, Neli Aparecida de Mello-Théry, Vincent Dubreuil (Brazil/France)

Analyses of the nitrates concentrations evolution in water resources according with the European Directives requirements
Elena Tuchiu, Elvira Marchidan (Romania)

A case study on Tahtali Dam, Investigating Dam Reservoirs within the scope of environmental impacts and the Turkish Legislations, in terms of Recreational Usage Approaches
Gokhan Balik, Bahar Turkyilmaz Tahta (Turkey)

Monitoring drinking water quality parameters using modern electrophoretic techniques
Ioan-Ovidiu Neaga, Ede Bodoki (Romania)

Organic and inorganic contaminants in the Bahlui  river in the built-up area of Iasi city
Ana Maria Oişte, Iuliana-Gabriela Breban (Romania)

Antrophyc influences. strategy and water management resouces in East South-East of Doubruja area
Dacian Constantin Teodorescu, Camelia Pulbere, Silviu  Matei, Hristu Uzun (Romania)

Environment rehabilitation on Trotus river valley, after the 2004 and 2005 floods
Ionuţ Popa (Romania)

Implementation of the European Water Framework Directive in Turkey
Bilgehan Nas, Nermin Çiçek, Ali Berktay (Turkey)

Water policy and urbanization in Morocco: The recent changesent changes in the urbanwater space in a country in South Mediterranean
El Mahdad  El Hassane (Morocco)


Poverty reduction linkage with water management in sub-Saharan Africa
Elemide Oyebola (Nigeria)

Water and Chikungunya at the Ravine of Cabris, Reunion Island
Maryse Gaimard, Dominique Soulancé (France)

The importance of the new proposal concerning the methodology for implementation for the resource recovery water use in the Rio das Velhas River Basin Committee, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Heodoro Hildelano Delanusse (Brazil)

Modern irrigations, premise for an efficient water management of the water resources in Israel
Nathan Cohen, Adrian Cioacă (Israel/Romania)

Possibility of elimination of organic material type humic adsorption on different materials of a water surface area of Bejaia
Amimeur Djamel, Guergazi Saâdia, Achour Samia (Algeria)

Exploring the feeding value of Najas Horrida (Aquatic Plant) as fodder for sheep and goats
Yacoub Hoda (Egypt)

Surface water quality changes of River Reaches due to urbanization
Kusari Laura (Kosovo)

Metallothionein in Persian sturgeon, Acipenser persicus L. from Caspian Sea
F. Shariati, M. Pourkazemi, S. Shariati, B. Mahboonia, M. Pourdehghani (Iran)

Identifying the hidroturistical potential of the Măcin Mountains
Florin-Catalin Purice, Gheorghe Romanescu (Romania)

SWOT analyzes on the impact of engineering works from Arges River Basin on fluvial systems
 Mariana Soare (Romania)

Balneoclimateric (spa) potential and possibilities for development and promotion of rural tourism in Tămăşeu, the locality with balneo-climateric function (from Bihor county, Romania)
Mihai Vlaicu, IoanaJosan, Lucian Blaga, Ovidiu Gaceu (Romania)

Aspects of habitat fragmentation – analysing a Natura 2000 Site: Olt-Danube confluence area
Gheorghe Cloţă, Ramona Cherăscu (Romania)

Impacts of water resource projects on rural Livelihoods in the Bundelkhand region
Sudhakaran Sunandu (India)

Climate change and water resources in Sub-Saharan Africa   
Mass Alassan, Keita Lamin, Deen Adama (The Gambia)

State groundwater basin of the Siret river point of view of strengths of nitrates from agricultural sources; analysis and trends
Delia Gheorghe (Romania)

Sources of water supply in Ploiesti
Mihaela Florina Ţâmpu  (Romania)

The necessity and opportunity  for multifuctional hydrotechnical planning in Viseu river basin
Sima Andrei (Romania)

Developments and prospects in valorising the hydrographic potential of the Ţibleş Mountains
 Gheorghe Gavrilă Hognogi, Gabriel Cătălin Nicula, Ovidiu Man (Romania)

Balneotherapy and wellness type tourism in the area Zizin – Brasov
Mereţ Rodica (Romania)

Harnessing the potential of hydro power in the upper basin of the Arges River, Romania
Laura Ana Mititelu (Romania)

Water pollution and environment
Soheila Khoshnevis Yazdi, Anahita Fashandi (R.I. of Iran)

Water retention in natural and transformed floodplains and its impact on ecosystem services
David Pithart, Tomáš Dostál, Jiří Žaloudík, Kateřina Křováková (Czech Republic)

The Banat swamps
Andreea-Mihaela Arba (Romania)

Measurement of Water Resources Index in Estako-West and Esan Central, Nigeria
Idogho Philipa Omamhe, Olotu Yahaya (Nigeria)

Tailing ponds potential pollution from the Drâa Lasfer mine and impact of mining wastes on the characteristics of groundwater in two village of area in Marrakech –Morocco
S. El fadeli, R. Bouhouch, M. Chaik, Y. Barkouch, A. Aboussad, N.Lekouch, R. F. Hurrell, M.B. Zimmermann, A.Sedki (Morocco/Switzerland)

River restoration experience in Central and East Europe within restore project
Andreea Galie, Elisabeta Cserwid, Mladen Angelov, Vasil Uzunov, Ágnes Irma György (Romania/Bulgaria/Hungary)

Qquantitative study of the parameters required to identify the zones with susceptibility to local flood caused by damages of water supply network. Applications in rural zone of Baia Mare Depression
Alexandru Marian Radu , Augustin Ionu Crăciun, Ionel Haidu, Bogdan  Văduva (Romania)

Phenolic compounds and COD removal from Table Olive Wastewaters using ultrafitration
Hajar Kiai, Abdelilah El-Abbassi, Abdellatif Hafidi (Morocco)

Water resources management in the Gilort hydrographic basin
Grigore Ciocăzan (Romania)

Preconcentration of lead ions in environmental samples by magnetic solid phase extraction
Shahab Shariati, Mostafa Golshekan (Iran)

Sustainable Integrated Water Resources Management: A Case Study of Libya
S.P.Bindra, Saleh Yunis Nabil (Libya)

The traditional exploitation of „The land of Vrancea": water resources. Aspects of cultural Geography
Nicolae Damian, Alexandra Tătaru (Romania)

The quality of waters in Drobeta – Turnu Severin urban ecosystem
Valentin Andriţa (Romania)


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