Water resources and wetlands. 14-16 September 2012, Tulcea (ROMANIA)

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A. Rivers and lakes ecosystem ecology

A1 The Danube river in the lower sector in two hidrologycal hypostases –high and low waters
Petre Gâştescu,  Elena Ţuchiu (Romania)

A2 Thermoclines in ponds: a new typology by the study of continuous water temperature measurements
Touchart  Laurent, Pascal Bartout (France)

A3 The importance of water circulation in lakes Razim-Golovita. Status and quality of lake ecosystems
Bretcan Petre, Elena Tuchiu, Simona Bretcan (Romania)

A4 Floodplain management in Hungary
Lóczy Dénes (Hungary)

A5 The application of the combined wastewater point/soil filter treatment plant, as an alternative intervention for the improvement of water quality in some rivers in Albania
Mali Sotir (Albania)

A6 Association of metals with various sedimentary phases in Dam Reservoir
Torabi Fatima (I.R. of Iran)

A7 Multiple indications in the Coastal Lagoon System of Albanide
Jakup Hoxhaj,  Fatbardha Cara,  Hasan Kuliçi, Shehribane Abazi (Albania/Kosovo)

A8 Changes in morphometric and physico-chemical characteristics of salt lakes in Prahova Subcarpathians
Bretcan Simona, Zaharia Liliana, Bretcan Petre (Romania)

A9 Picophytoplankton, as the indicator of the underwater light climate in shallow lakes
Boglárka Somogyi, Anett Kürthy, Balázs Németh, Balázs Kránicz, Lajos Vörös (Hungary)

A10 Water qualitative parameters of fluviatile limans located in the south - west of Dobrogea (Romania)
Romanescu Gheorghe,  Stoleriu Cristian, Dinu Cristina (Romania)

A11 Choice of macrophyte substrate in the use of diatoms as indicators of pond water quality assessment: preliminary data on the case of Alalay Pond (Cochabamba, Bolivia)
Eduardo A. Morales, Rivera Sinziana F. (Bolivia/SUA)

A12 Use of seismic refraction, vertical electrical sounding and electrical resistivity tomography to investigate the groundwater aquifer, Wadi Al-Ain, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Amir Gabr, Ahmed Murad, Haydar Baker, Khalid Boulshi, Hasan Arman, Saber Mahmoud (UAE)

A13 Flood vulnerability vs. structural measures related to jiu valley developed within the administrative limits of Craiova city
Morosanu Gabriela Adina (Romania)

A14 Present state of trophic parameters of the main lakes from Siret and Prut watersheds
Romanescu Gheorghe, Mihu-Pintilie Alin, Stoleriu Cristian, Romanescu Ana Maria (Romania)

A15 Geoelectrical investigation at ain al-faras spring site of Gadames City, Libya
Elburas Fathi (Libya)

A16 The sources of pollution of  hydroecosystems with nutrients and the load of pastures in the catchment areas of the Voghchi and Meghriget rivers, Armenia
Karen Grigoryan, Gor Gevorgyan (Armenia)

A17 Researches on the simulation on numerical model of the alluvial transport in the period 2005-2010 and the estimation of the morphological modifications, with application on the Danube river bed for a proposed sector
Victor Dumitrescu, Adrian Barbieru, Alexandru Carsmariu (Romania)

A18 Aspects of clogging Pucioasa Lake (Romania)
Murărescu  Ovidiu, Murătoreanu  George, Ţurloiu Rareş,  Frânculeasa Mădălina (Romania)

A19 Quantitative considerations concerning the source-areas for the silting of the Red Lake (Romania) lacustrine basin
Andrei Enea, Gheorghe Romanescu, Cristian Stoleriu (Romania)

A20 Puiu Lake Danube Delta– bathymetrical characteristics
Daniel Constantin Diaconu, Emanuel Mailat (Romania)

A21 Wetland management and restoration projects in the lower Prut basin related to effects of anthropogenic activities
Florin Vartolomei (Romania)

A22 Danube Floodrisk Project, a story for the Danube floodplain mapping
Adler Mary-Jeanne (Romania)

A23 Water bodies Typology System: a Chilean case of scientific stakeholders and policy makers dialogue
Rodrigo Fuster, Andrés de la Fuente, Cristián Escobar, Gloria Lillo, Meliza González, Tanja Pottgiesser (Chile)

A24 Hydrochemical features of the South Dobrogea's lakes
Telteu Camelia-Eliza (Romania)

A25 Bratia hydrographic basin Morphometric features
Dumitrescu Mihai (Romania)

A26 Underground waters in the Gilort hidrographic basin
Ciocăzan Grigore (Romania)

A27 The effect of water level fluctuation on the phytoplankton and phytobenthos in a large, shallow lake
Lajos Vörös, Attila W. Kovács and Boglárka Somogyi (Hungary)

A28 Long-term dynamics of the main hydrometeorological characteristics of spring flood in the Desna River’s basin
Liudmyla Gorbachova, Olga Kolianchuk (Ukraine)

A29 The reasons of the instationary of the seasonal runoff of rivers and streams in the Rika River basin
Liudmyla Gorbachova, Tеtiana  Bauzha (Ukraine)

A30 A dynamical model of a geyser induced by boiling: an application of the dynamical model of a geyser induced by inflow of gas
Hiroyuki Kagami (Japan)

A31 Protection-destruction spiral: a nightmare scenario from Lake Gusinoe via Selenga delta to Lake Baikal
Hidetoshi Naganawa  (Japan)

A32 Ensuring of longitudinal connectivity of Jiu river near the Isalnita dam
Răzvan Voicu, Ecaterina Luca, Liliana Voicu (Romania)

A33 Hydro-ecological quality status assessment in different lakes of Danube Delta – Romania. Case study: Uzlina, Isacova, Matita, Babina and Rosu Lakes - 2010
Catianis Irina, Radan Silviu, Opreanu Priscilla, Grosu Dumitru (Romania)

A34 The chemical fractions of heavy metals in the sediment of Koycegiz Lake (Muğla-Turkey)
Ahmet Demirak, Feyyaz Keskin, Yalçın Şahin (Turkey)

A35 A research on phosphorus fractions in sediment of Koycegiz Lake (Mugla-Turkey), and its potential release into the lake
Ahmet Demirak, Yalçın Şahin, Feyyaz Keskin (Turkey)

A36 Economic valuation of the Zarivar Lake, Iran
Ghaderzadeh Hamed (I.R. of Iran)

A37 Tipaimukh dam on Barak River and its impact on natural settings: A South-Asian contains
Supratim Karmakar (India)

A38 Căian sliding Lake (Bistriţa-Năsăud County) - morphometric and physico-chemical aspects
Şerban Gheorghe, Hognogi Gheorghe, Man Ovidiu (Romania)

A39 The recent palaeolimnology of Red Lake (Romania); assessing changing sediment sources for environmental management
S.M. Hutchinson, A. Frantiuc, A. Haliuc, M. Mindrescu, Gh. Romanescu (UK/Romania)

A40 Limnoarchaeological problematics in the light of new scientific discoveries
Romanescu Gheorghe, Bounegru Octavian (Romania)

A41 The structure and the rythms of the flow regimefor the small rivers in the Northern Oriental Carpathians
Victor Sorocovschi, Gavril Pandi, Gheorghe. Romanescu, Cristian Stoleriu (Romania)

A42 The impact of sediment grain size on heavy metal content
Maslennikova S.S., Larina N.S. (Russia)

A43 Tracking the main water quality threats in Lake Prespa system (Greek part)
Maliaka Valentini (Netherlands)

A44 The effects of Hydraulic constructions on Kor river Mesohabitat alteration in Iran
Ali Torabi Haghighi, Pouyan Keshtkaran and Bjorn Klove (Finland/IR of Iran)

A45 Testing the applicability of trait-based functional diversity in phytoplankton communities as a tool for water quality monitoring
Károly Pálffy, Lajos Vörös (Hungary)

A46 Water resources management in the Gilort hydrographic basin
Ciocăzan Grigore (Romania)

A47 Cleaning up the Lake Ćelije from nutrients and sediments
Poprasic Bratislav (Serbia)

A48 A study on the Motru riverbed morphodynamics with special reference to riparian quality index (RQI)
Ionus Oana (Romania)

A49 Picophytoplankton blooms in Transylvanian hypersaline lake
Zsolt Gyula Keresztes, Boglárka Somogyi, Tamás Felföldi, Erika Nagy, Csaba Bartha, Nicolae Dragos, Gyöngyi Székely, Lajos Vörös (Romania/Hungary)

A50 Characteristics of floods in Valea Cerbului Catchment
Perju Ruth (Romania)

A51 Fitting the river Tormes and the current aspects of maintaining the drainage system
Duină Valeria Simona (Romania)

A52 Practical solutions for ecological reconstruction of Gerai pond
Dimache Alexandru Nicolae, Iancu Iulian, Sirbu Nicolai, Croitoru Ion (Romania)

A53 Water quality investigation of namnam creek which feeds Koycegiz Lake
Özdemir, N., L. Serra Çiçek De Sa Matos Paixao (Turkey)

A54 The relationship between the water discharges and a series of morphometric parameters of the basins and the hydrographic network
Ion Zăvoianu (Romania)

A55 Phytoplankton assemblages in Bir Mcherga freshwater reservoir (Tunisia)
Amel Ben Rejeb Jenhani, Afef Fathalli, Mohamed Salah Romdhane  (Tunisia)

A57 Effects of the water level fluctuation on the littoral invertebrate communities in Lake Balaton, Hungary
László G.-Tóth, Csilla Balogh, Laura Parpala, Ilona B.-Muskó (Hungary/Romania)

A58 The analysis of pressures and impacts of the lower part of the Danube River
 Elena Tuchiu, Adina-Mădălina David (Romania)

A59 Natural and anthropic risks in the area of Durgău-Valea Sărată Turda salt lakes
Mircea Alexe, Paula Furtună (Romania)

A60 Evaluation of capacity for bioaccumulation some heavy metals at two aquatic plant species
Ivona David, Gabriela Busuioc, Mihaela Sencovici, Nicoleta Iliescu (Romania)

A61 New data base of the glacial lakes in the Romanian Carpathians
Marcel Mindrescu, Andrei Zamosteanu, Ionuţ-Alexandru Cristea (Romania)

A62 Contribution à la connaissance de l’envasement et de la distribution spatiale de N, P, K de la vase du lac Oubéira  (Extrême NE algérien)
H. Alayat, S. Mouissi, R. Satouh  (Algerie)

A63 Identifying vulnerable areas to inundations by using statistical probability analysis and GIS techniques. Case Study
Stefan Bilasco, Csaba Horvath, Visctor Sorocovschi (Romania)

A64 Siltation and Erosion Processes on a tributary of Lake Itaipu, Paraná State, Brazil
Cristiano Poleto (Brazil)

A65 Hydrotechnical Planning Works in the Catchment Basin of Valea Racilor (Arieş Basin)
Bătinaş Răzvan-Horaţiu (Romania)

A66 A cosmopolitan population of common reeds (Phragmites australis) in the Danube Delta
Carla Lambertini, Luciana Achenbach, Hans Brix (Denmark)

A67 Response to Increasing Salt Stress of Genetically Different Phragmites australis Clones
Luciana Achenbach, Hans Brix (Denmark)

A68 Hydrological hazards in the eastern part of the Getic Piedmont
Dănuţ Tanislav, Rădiţa Alexe (Romania)



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