Water resources and wetlands. 14-16 September 2012, Tulcea (ROMANIA)

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B. Climate changing and water resources

B1 Sea level observed and projected and impact on the Indian and Pacific tropical islands
Gérard Beltrando (France)

B2 Study of the impacts of climate change on water resources in the Central Middle Atlas (Morocco)
Hind Fattah,  Mohamed-Saïd Karrouk (Morocco)

B3 Intensification of Energetic Budget (as a result of Climate Change) and its impact on the reduction of water resources in the Basin of Bouregreg
Sallok Amal (Morocco)

B4 Annual and seasonal distribution of sunshine in Pakistan 1931-1990
Saifullah Khan, Mahmood-Ul-Hasan, Muhammad Aslam Khan (Pakistan)

B5 Bacteriological treatment of denitrification of nitrate and nitrite by isolated pseudomonas from Baghdad waste water
Hassoon Hammadi Ali, Sattar Abood Ahmed, Al-Dulaimi Abdul Sattar, Alzawi Waleed (Iraq)

B6 Aspects of topoclimate regionalization of the city Targoviste (Romania)
Puşcoi Bogdan, Murarescu Ovidiu, Pehoiu Gica (Romania)

B7 The dynamics and probabilistic characteristics of the ice phenomena of the Danube River and its Kiliysky channel
Gorbachova Liudmyla, Khrystyuk Borys (Ukraine)

B8 Unit cost for pumping irrigation water in Egypt
Alaa El-Hazek (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

B9 Impact of climate change on the water resources of India: Challenges in adaptation
Shadananan Nair (India)

B10 High peats as the indicator of climatological and ecological changes of environment
Larina N.S., Larin S.I., Merkushina G.A. (Russia)

B11 Effects of drought on winter wheat yields in a semi-arid region
Abderrahmani Belaid, Hadjel Mohamed, Dobbi Abdelmadjid, Hassini Noureddine (Algeria)

B12 Precipitation changing and wetlands in the Middle-Atlas, Morocco
Lebaut Sébastien, Labhar Mohamed (France/Morocco)

B13 Precipitation influence on liquid leakage from  the hydrological  basin Desnăţui before and after the hydrotechnical design
Ciuinel Andreea Marinela,  Irina Onţel (Romania)

B14 Evolution of the wetland from south part of Moldavian Plain
Minea Ionut, Butelca Doru (Romania)

B15 Comparison of different geostatistical methods to estimate groundwater level at different climatic periods
S. M. Sadat Noori, K. Ebrahimi, A. M. Liaghat (Iran)

B16 Aridity, climatic phenomen of Danube Delta
Lungu Marius, Plesoianu Daniela, Panaitescu Liliana (Romania)

B17 Torrential rainfall in south Dobrogea - economic implications
Lungu Marius, Plesoianu Daniela (Romania)

B18 Appreciation of water resources in Byc River basin
Jeleapov Ana, Boboc Nicolae (Rep. of  Moldova)

B19 Permeability in a large crystalline watershed
Sékouba Oulare; Kouame Kernand K.; René Therrien;  Saley M. Bachir Et Biemi Jean (Côte d’Ivoire/Canada)

B20 Impacts of changes in winter period temperature on snowpack water availability: a case study from Southern Finland
Masoud Irannezhad, Anna-Kaisa Ronkanen, Bjørn Kløve (Finland)

B21 Long-term Variability of Snowfall and Continuous Snow Cover Duration in Southern Finland and Their linkage to Teleconnection Indices
Masoud Irannezhad, Anna-Kaisa Ronkanen, Bjørn Kløve (Finland)

B22 Production of clean water from agro-industrial wastewaters using osmotic distillation
Abdelilah El-Abbassi, Hajar Kiai, Abdellatif Hafidi, Maria Carmen García-Payo, Mohamed Khayet (Morocco/Spain)

B23 Structural changes of bacterial community in deltaic ecosystems
Elena Stanescu (Voinea), Catalina Stoica, Irina Lucaciu, Alina Catrangiu, Margareta Nicolau, Stefania Gheorghe (Romania)

B24 Influence of regional change on biological assemblages in the Danube Delta
Catalina Stoica, Elena Stanescu, Irina Lucaciu, Stefania Gheorghe, Margareta Nicolau (Romania)

B25 Detecting risks for Turkey’s Wetland Systems in terms of River Flows and Environmental Flow Requirements
Ali Gul, Gulay Onusluel Gul, Aysegul Kuzucu (Turkey)

B26 Climate change and risk management in Palestine
Wafa Hasan, Ghasan Dweik (Palestine)

B27 Some aspects of the Danube Delta bioclimate
Elena Teodoreanu (Romania)

B28 The impact of the periods of pluviometric surplus and deficit on the environment in the Plain of Târgovişte
Sencovici Mihaela (Romania)

B29 Application of multivariate statistical methods to surface water and groundwater of the Soummam basin, Algeria
Lazhar Belkhiri, Lotfi Mouni (Algeria)

B30 Stochastic analysis of rainfall event in Sub-Sahara Africa
Elemide Oyebola Adebola (Nigeria)

B31 Snowstorm – severe meteorological phenomenon. Case studies: two snowstorm episodes from the 2011-2012 winter
Ciurlau Doruta (Romania)

B32 Climate change and water resources
Bahram Shakouri, Soheila Khoshnevis Yazdi (Iran)

B33 The use of drought indices to monitor droughts in Turkey
Selim Dogan, Ali Berktay, Vijay P. Singh (Turkey)

B34 The effect of climate change in poultry production
Michael Adedotun Oke (Nigeria)

B35 Key climate features to support biological diversity in a Natura 2000 site: SPA Lower Olt Valley (Valea Oltului Inferior)
Monica Dumitrascu, Carmen-Sofia Dragota, Ines Grigorescu, Mihai Doroftei, Costin  Dumitraşcu (Romania)

B36 Floodplain wetland dynamics in the Danube delta from remotely sensed imagery
Simona Niculescu, Cédric Lardeux, Grégoire Mercier, Laurence David (France)

B37 Comparative study of climatic parameters affecting evaporation in Central and Southern coastal areas in Iran
Hossein Malekinezhad (Iran)

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