5th International Conference Water resources and wetlands 2020 Tulcea Romania Water resources and wetlands 9-13 September 2020 Tulcea ROmania Romanian Limnogeographical Association German Limnological Society Polish Limnological Society



The Romanian Limnogeographical Association (RLA) in collaboration with the Polish Limnological Society (PLS), German Limnological Society (GLS), Iberian Association of Limnology (AIL) and Danube Delta National Institute Tulcea (DDNI) would like to invite you to take part in the 6th International Hybrid Conference “Water resources and wetlands” set to take place between 13-17 September 2023 in the “Delta” Hotel in Tulcea, Romania.

Why to come at WRW 2023
Present your systematic investigation before a global audience
Present your ideas and work to others
Meet your colleagues around the world
Build relationships
Meet Experts and Influencers Face to Face
Listen to subject experts and enhance your knowledge
Initiate research collaborations with academics from different universities around the world
Win the Young Scientist Award (Student category)
Explore Danube Delta !

The goal is to offer participants a meeting place where experience and knowledge can be shared and exchanged, whether they are researchers, private companies or government institutions (central or local), in order to come up with solutions for the issues facing each of these stakeholders.
The scientific subjects which will be addressed cover a wide area of interest ranging from the study of the inland waters (groundwaters, rivers, lakes and man-made reservoirs) and coastal sea waters to the analysis of the degree to which these resources have been affected in terms of quality due to human intervention and present climate changes.
The field trips in the Danube Delta, which is one of the largest European wetlands known for its biodiversity and unique habitats, protected under the administration of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Authority (DDBRA), will contribute to a better understanding of the area.

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