Water resources and wetlands. 14-16 September 2012, Tulcea (ROMANIA)

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D. The XXI Scientific Symposium Deltas and wetlands, 2012

D1 WEB Map Viewer for Hazard and high resolution DTM (from LIDAR) in Danube flood plain  and Danube Delta
I. Grigoraş, A. Constantinescu, I. Nichersu,  M. Mierlă, C. Trifanov (Romania)

D2 The role of wetlands in flood protection
Šperac Marija, Rabi Anamarija (Croatia)

D3 The vascular plants and epilithic lichens of fresh-water coastal ecosystems in the monitoring of hydrosphere’ condition
Sonina A.V., Markovskaja E.F., Sergienko L.A., Starodubceva A.A. (Russia)

D4 Magnetic susceptibility calibration and lithological characterization of the lake sediments from the Black Sea Littoral Zone (Romania): Natural and anthropogenic inferences”
Sorin - Corneliu Rădan, Silviu Rădan, Camelia Vărzaru (Romania)

D5 Marsilea quadrifolia L. in the protected wetlands from Romania
Daniela Strat (Romania)

D6 Understanding public participation and combining perceptions of stakeholders’ for A Better Management in Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve (Romania)
Natasa Vaidianu (Romania)

D7 Biomass evaluation with the help of LiDAR data for Sontea-Fortuna lacustrine complex, Danube Delta
Marian Mierlă, Ion Grigoras, Mihai Doroftei, Adrian Constantinescu,  Iulian Nichrsu, Cristian Trifanov (Romania)

D8 Flood hazard assessment using satellite images and the elevation model for Sontea – Fortuna lacustrine complex, Danube Delta
Marian Mierlă, Gheorghe Romanescu (Romania)

D9 Last millenium landscape evolution around the Babadag lake (Tulcea district, Romania): First results of a high resolution sequence
Jean-Michel Carozza, Laurent Carozza, Mihaela Danu, Albane Burens, Christian Micu, Sorin Ailincai, Bruno Malaize, Philippe Martinez (France/Romania)

D10 Magnetic susceptibility distribution in lake sediments inferred from short cores collected in the Danube Delta and Razim – Sinoie Lagoonal Complex. II. Results from the lagoonal complex
Sorin-Corneliu Rădan, Silviu Rădan, Irina Catianis (Romania)

D11 Floodplain wetland dynamics in the Danube Delta from remotely sensed imagery
Simona Niculescu, Cédric Lardeux, Grégoire Mercier, Laurence David (France)

D12 Coupling wetlands, surface water and groundwater through mathematical modeling
Zaharia Valentin, Drobot Radu (Romania)

D13 The Prut Floodplain potential Ramsar Site. Current situation and perspectives
Gina Radu, Iuliana Ticalo, Dan Buruiana (Romania)

D14 Importance of constructed wetlands to treat wastewater as a part of water management
Ali Berktay (Turkey)

D15 Research on effects of land use decisions on Gediz Delta as a Ramsar Site
Okan Yilmaz, Ümit Erdem (Turkey)

D16 Potential spread of Ailanthus altissima in the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve
Mihai Doroftei, Marian Mierlă, Gheorghe Kucsicsa, Ines Grigorescu, Monica Dumitraşcu (Romania)

D17 Data on Danube River phytoplankton and the influences of warm water discharge from Nuclear Power Plant Cernavodă on its development
Török Liliana

D18 Doubtful herpetological records in the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve (Romania)
Török Zsolt Csaba

D19 Codalbul (Haliaetus albicilla) în Delta Dunării: un an de telemetrie satelitară
Domşa, C., Sándor D. A., Kiss, J. B., Marinov M., Alexe V., Lészai I.

D20 Danube FloodRisk management, spatial planning and stakeholder’s involvement in Giurgiu case study
Nichersu Iulian, Mierlă Marian, Marin Eugenia, Trifanov Cristian, Nichersu Iuliana

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