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Editor - in - Chief: Petre Gastescu, Hyperion University of Bucharest (Romania)
Managing Editor: Petre Bretcan, Valahia University of Targoviste (Romania)
Volume 4 (2) / 2010
ISSN: 1844-6477 (print version)
ISSN: 2284-5305 (electronic version)







The influence of monk equipped ponds on the quality of basin head streams, the example of water temperature in Limousin and Berry (France)
Laurent TOUCHART, Pascal BARTOUT 81-108

Caracteristics of the lower Danube water bodies between Portile de Fier (Iron Gates) and Isaccea
Elena TUCHIU 109-118

Water quality and ecology of the Iezer and Bolatau lakes
Marcel MINDRESCU, Ionut Alexandru CRISTEA, Gabriela FLORESCU 119-130

The evaluation of the water chemistry and quality for the lakes from the south of the Hilly Plain of Jijia (Bahlui drainage basin)
Ionut MINEA 131-144

The morphobathymetric features of the Cuciulat lakes (Salaj county) and their waters’ physical characteristics
Csaba HORVATH, Stefan BILASCO, Victor SOROCOVSCH 145-151

Vidraru Reservoir, Romania. Environmental impact of the hydrotehnical constructions on the upper course of Arges River
Laura Ana MITITELU 152-166

A natural reserve – the Satchinez swamps
Andreea – Mihaela DOMASNEANU, Marcel Török – Oance 167-182


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